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Fantastic365 was born out of the recognition that the Covid 19 Pandemic changed the way businesses operate. Remote working became the NEW NORMAL and tools for facilitating collaboration at a distance were deployed in an instant...

Now that the NEXT NORMAL has become HYBRID WORKING those tools must be maintained and nurtured in order for businesses to continue getting the most for their money.

Fantastic365 specialises in MICROSOFT 365 with a focus on MS Teams and SharePoint.

I can't wait to help you get on track with your M365

so that your people are ready for whatever 2023 brings our way!


Lynzie Cotton

MS Teams & SharePoint Superstar

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As an ex-NHS clinician I understand some things about

your business really, really well:

  • How teams need to communicate, collaborate and share information securely

  • Why excellent record keeping is essential

  • Information governance and confidentiality

  • The need for GREAT training

  • The need to deal with people at all levels

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